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the whole is greater than the sum of its parts christopher ferris says hyperledger was formed to help deliver blockchain technology for the enterprise, java 8 tutorial lambda expressions streams default - java 8 tutorial lambda expressions streams and more interested in live training from the author of these tutorials see the upcoming java 8 and general java programming courses in maryland co sponsored by johns hopkins engineering for professionals, hp touchpad needs 6 to 8 weeks for additional shipments - hp needs 6 8 weeks to ship additional touchpads according to a leaked email sent to customers hp is prepping one last run for its defunct tablet, how do i compare strings in java stack overflow - tests object references equals tests the string values sometimes it looks as if compares values because java does some behind the scenes stuff to make sure identical in line strings are actually the same object, tutorial jsf javaserver faces 1 x apache myfaces - jsf 1 x tutorial an introduction to javaserver faces 1 x with apache myfaces extensions interested in live training from the author of these tutorials see the upcoming jsf 2 2 and primefaces training courses in maryland co sponsored by johns hopkins, think java how to think like a computer scientist - v and mathematical ideas i think some of them are fun but many of the things that excite students about computer science like graphics sound and, android lesson seven an introduction to vertex buffer - android is booming like never before with millions of devices shipping every day in opengl es 2 for android a quick start guide you ll learn all about shaders and the opengl pipeline and discover the power of opengl es 2 0 which is much more feature rich than its predecessor, oracle technology network for java developers oracle - oracle technology network is the ultimate complete and authoritative source of technical information and learning about java, spring to java ee a migration experience ocpsoft - so java ee 6 is out and you ve decided to give it a go you re trying to port an existing application over to the new stack or are trying to create a new one for the first time but exceptions are bursting through the seams and you just can t seem to get things to work, realm create reactive mobile apps in a fraction of the time - realm objective c is the first database built for mobile an alternative to sqlite and core data that s fast easy to use and open source, principles of database management pdbmbook com - principles of database management the practical guide to storing managing and analyzing big and small data cambridge university press available for pre order this comprehensive textbook teaches the fundamentals of database design modeling systems data storage and the evolving world of data warehousing governance and more, black hat usa 2016 briefings - a journey from jndi ldap manipulation to remote code execution dream land jndi java naming and directory interface is a java api that allows clients to discover and look up data and objects via a name, new product development glossary npd solutions - a glossary on new product development integrated product development terms and acronyms, save tigers big cat rescue - big cat rescue is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization feid 59 3330495 florida law requires that all charities soliciting donations disclose their registration number and the percentage of your donation that goes to the cause and the amount that goes to the solicitor, internet of things wikipedia - the internet of things iot is the network of physical devices vehicles home appliances and other items embedded with electronics software sensors actuators and connectivity which enables these things to connect and exchange data creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer based systems, accessing mysql on netbeans using jdbc part 1 create a - accessing mysql on netbeans using jdbc part 1 create a connection this tutorial show you how to use netbeans to connect mysql by using mysql connector j mysql ab s jdbc driver for mysql, apache hbase reference guide - this reference guide is a work in progress the source for this guide can be found in the src main asciidoc directory of the hbase source this reference guide is marked up using asciidoc from which the finished guide is generated as part of the site build target, tech news analysis wall street journal - find the latest wall street journal stories on tech companies start ups and personal technology plus the latest reviews, stevey s blog rants get that job at google - i ve been meaning to write up some tips on interviewing at google for a good long time now i keep putting it off though because it s going to make you mad