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febrile neutropenia oncology the jama network home - because febrile neutropenia can increase the severity of an infection patients with this condition should be promptly evaluated by a doctor evaluation may include trying to identify a cause of the fever using blood tests x rays or urine studies, neutropenia causes symptoms and treatment webmd - in neutropenic fever the assumption is made that there is an infection causing the fever even when the source can t be found a treatment called granulocyte colony stimulating factor g csf, neutropenic fever cancer therapy advisor - burden of illness febrile neutropenia no or mild symptoms 5 moderate symptoms 3 severe symptoms 0 1 historical information important in the diagnosis of this problem, management of febrile neutropenia esmo clinical practice - definition of febrile neutropenia febrile neutropenia fn is defined as an oral temperature 38 5 c or two consecutive readings of 38 0 c for 2 h and an absolute neutrophil count 0 5 10 9 l or expected to fall below 0 5 10 9 l, guidelines in the management of febrile neutropenia for - febrile neutropenia fn is a serious complication of cancer chemotherapy that can lead to delays in treatment and necessary dose reductions of chemotherapy which compromise treatment efficacy, febrile neutropenia osumc edu - begin empiric antibiotic therapy with cefepime if history of severe penicillin allergy e g hives and bronchospasm reassess allergy and