Southern African Mammals Made Simple -

southern african mammals made simple paperback amazon com - southern african mammals made simple is an exciting new mammal identification guide that uses a novel 3 stage id system to identify even the most obscure mammals for each of the 115 species there is a photograph and drawing highlighting the animal s distinctive features a description and a distribution map, the safari companion a guide to watching african mammals - since its original publication in 1993 the safari companion has been the best field guide to observing and understanding the behavior of african mammals an indispensable tool for naturalists traveling to africa this new edition has been revised to acknowledge the enthusiasm to those watching these magnificent animals at zoos and wildlife parks and on film, mammals mammalia information about mammals facts - class mammals mammalia mammals are the most developed class in the animal kingdom they are over 200 million yeas old and lived even at the age of the dinosaurs, sicilian genetics and anthropology best of sicily - about 72 000 years ago the effects of a major volcanic eruption toba with global consequences killed off many humans by some estimates as few as 2 000 humans survived the disaster in africa, explore exhibits natural history museum of los angeles - natural history museum of los angeles county nhm has amassed one of the world s most extensive and valuable collections of natural and cultural history more than 35 million objects some as old as 4 5 billion years, sierra leone simple english wikipedia the free encyclopedia - sierra leone is a country in west africa its capital is freetown the official language is english the country was first made as a place where freed slaves could live from 1991 until 2000 there was a civil war in sierra leone between rebels and the government the war is now over